Ozone nature's way of maintaining a smell-free, healthy air can now be generated and controlled for its use in commercial industrial and institutional buildings.

Ozone is a component which occurs naturally in the earth's atmosphere. Sometimes called activated oxygen, it is the clean, fresh smell we notice after a storm.


It's necessary, but not sufficient. Ventilating does not decontaminate carpets, upholstery, ceilings, floors and walls. Contamination is adhered to them.

Filtering the air.
Just part of the air passes through the filters which are usually installed. For a fairly efficient filtering, an enormous investment would be necessary.

Eliminating the sources of contamination.
This is impossible, we are sources of contamination ourselves.

The various products, generally spays, just act superficially. Moreover, they add more chemicals to the contaminated air.




The total solution is to purify the air the way nature does, by means of ozone. Because ozone destroys contamination in its molecule structure.

At Home .
OzonoAML portable generators can be used in different rooms. Ozone impregnates fabrics, penetrates furniture and acts especially over carpets., curtains, mattresses and clothes in general. That is where we find acari, microscopic parasites which feed on human skin. Although we can't see them, they are harmful to our health.

This is where we are most of the time. Many times these places are hermetically closed, with air conditioning. The installation of OzonoAML generators in working places creates a healthier, more pleasant, fresher, eliminating the oppressive feeling created by contaminated air.

Hotels and Restaurants.
Food and tobacco smells disappear, and a very comfortable environment is created, especially in closed places and basements. In hotel rooms, it is recommended to apply ozone immediately after cleaning.

Supermarkets and Cold Storage Rooms.
Customers enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, with that typical "clean smell". The injection of ozone in to the rooms prevents the growth of bacteria and other contaminants.

Hospitals, Clinics and Laboratories.
It enlarges the "operating room atmosphere" to the whole building, contributing to the general asepsis and lowering the risk of hospital infections.

Cinemas, Theatres and Shopping Malls.
Great quantities of people cause great levels of contamination, especially in air conditioned rooms. Purification through ozone has enormous advantages over the usual disinfecting and ventilation methods.

In small places with smell coming from the bathroom, humidity, tobacco, fuel, food, etc, the service provided by a OzonoAML ozone generator is really remarkable.

The action of ozone completely eliminates smells produced by tobacco smoke, humidity, fuels, etc., which impregnate the whole car. It also eliminates the colonies of fungi and other microorganisms, harmful to our health, which live in the air conditioning ducts.

Gyms and Solariums.
It transforms the stuffy air of a gym, replacing it with pure air, typical of open places.




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