We all know how serious the problem of environmental pollution is, but not all of us know that frequently, the pollution is greater inside our homes than outside.

The installation of OzonoAML Ozone Generators in working environments creates a healthier, fresher atmosphere, eliminating the oppressive feeling created by contaminated air.


Ozonizers designed for your comfort.
Ozone completely eliminates organically-generated smells, destroying flying molecules, as well as virus, bacteria and fungi present in the air and in dust. Its own molecular instability makes it combine quickly with suspended elements, changing their state; this is nature's way of keeping our atmosphere healthy.

However, in closed places, natural ozone is quickly wasted away, causing in people a feeling of drowsiness and malaise, because a highly contaminated atmosphere is generated. Apart from that, ventilation and air conditioning systems are a shelter for bacteria, fungi , moss, pollen, dust particles and other biological contaminants that circulate through the ducts.

This is why, in places where nature can't act, we must do so artificially, carefully following its steps. OzonoAML ozone generators, purify and recycle contaminated air. Unlike deodorants, they don't mask smells, but they really eliminate them, destroying their molecular structure through the liberation of activated oxygen atoms. What's more, they don't emit fragrances or perfumes.




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