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OzonoAML. Ozone Air Purification Systems


  We all know how serious the problem of environmental pollution is, but not all of us know that frequently, that pollution is greater inside our homes than outside. Just look at the suspended particles which become visible in the rays of the sun; what we see is , precisely, what we breathe. This problem occurs in buildings with central air conditioning, because the circulating air passes once and again through highly contaminated ducts.

Because of this, nowadays we speak of "sick buildings". In those buildings we work, and, logically, we suffer from angina, bronchitis and allergies. The most important factories in the world are now using high frequency technology in their ozone generators. This allows them to produce more ozone, than with low frequency systems. Applying our experience of more tan thirty years in radio frequencies, we have developed technology which is comparable to the best in the world. We have also designed a completely flat "cold plate" , which advantageously replaces the old tubes in which a corona effect was produced, and heat was generated.






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